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To promote goodwill and foster esprit de corps among the future leaders of Singapore, through the development of physical fitness and character. 


We pursue the True Kyokushin Spirit through exceptional instruction and self-directed leadership.

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Sensei Lawrence Poh, a medical device professional and graduate of the former Singapore Command & Staff College (SCSC), has been practicing Kyokushin Karate since March 1987. In April 1991, he participated in the 20-Man Kumite held at Orchard Tower in Singapore. Two years later, in 1993, he received his Shodan Certificate from Japan, signed by the late Sosai Mas Oyama.

Sensei Lawrence has established three I.K.O. NAKAMURA Singapore Dojos, with a fourth one in the works. Since its inception in December 2018, the Singapore Honbu (Sengkang) Dojo Membership has achieved 50 members in less than eight months.

Additionally, Sensei Lawrence has organized three tournaments in the span of 2.5 years, consisting of one Kata and two Kumite Championships. In his most recent kumite tournament in Osaka Japan, he came in as 2nd runner up in his category. He acknowledges that these accomplishments would not have been possible without the support and dedication of his family and comrade, Sensei Chen Chun Kai.


Sensei CK, an experienced aviation industry veteran, began his Karate journey in the late 1990s. His outstanding performances led to him being awarded three double promotions, which showcased his passion and unwavering dedication. In the year 2001, he competed in the 20-Man Kumite event and emerged as a successful black belter.

As a Technical Coach, Sensei CK has spearheaded the IKO Nakamura Singapore Team in various local and international tournaments, demonstrating his expertise in the martial art.

Sensei CK's commitment and dedication as a mentor have inspired numerous students to pursue excellence in their endeavors, making him a true role model in the world of Karate.


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Sensei Gerald Poh, who was awarded the MOE Edusave Scholarship for Independent Schools, has been practicing Karate since he was seven, when he started gaining experience through participating in Kumite tournaments. 

He achieved his Black Belt Shodan certification in 2022 and was the grand champion in I.K.O. Nakamura Singapore's first-ever Kata Competition. As head coach of one of the three I.K.O. Nakamura Singapore Dojos, Sensei Gerald prioritizes progressive training to help his students improve their skills in a safe environment. He adjusts his training program to match his students' fitness levels and competencies, allowing them to continually refine their Karate skills.

Sensei Gerald is also known for his friendly and warm personality, and he works closely with other instructors to create a supportive and collaborative learning environment for his students.


Meet Sensei Nara, a skilled professional in the field of IT, who embarked on his Karate journey back in January 2019. With unwavering courage, he embraced this martial art form at the age of 51, defying any hesitations.

His voyage through the realm of Karate has led him to actively participate in both Kata and kumite championships. Through his displays of unwavering resolve, he achieved the esteemed title of 1st runner-up in the 2022 Singapore kumite championships. His exceptional advancement in this discipline becomes evident when we observe his instances of receiving double promotions, an undeniable testament to his skillfulness and devoted commitment.

Sensei Nara's story is one characterized by persistent determination and characterized by his ceaseless pursuit of achieving mastery.


Our Founder:

Sosui Makoto Nakamura

Our dojo, IKO Nakamura Singapore is affiliated to International Karate Organization (I.K.O) Nakamura headed by Daihyo Masanaga Nakamura and Shihan Tats Nakamura. Our Headquarter (Honbu) is based in Kobe, Japan. Our beloved Founder and Chairman, Sosui Makoto Nakamura is 2 times Full Contact Karate World Champion.

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Chief Director


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