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Mr Fadhli

"Sensei Lawrence and Sensei CK are welcoming to new trainees and focus on developing mental and physical strength, resilience, and discipline in everyday life through karate. They emphasize familial values and promote looking out for one another and growing together. Despite tough sparring, caring for each other is consistent among Sensei and trainees. My gratitude extends beyond trophies or victory to growing as successful individuals in all areas of life."

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Mr and Mrs Chang 
Parents of Shawn 

" This program comes highly recommended for its experienced and dedicated trainers, emphasis on character building and discipline, "family" mentality where everyone helps one another, equal opportunities for all, professionalism, and good communication throughout. "

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Mr Nara

"I'm proud to be a member of the International Karate Organization Nakamura Singapore. I joined at 51 with my son, Senpai Koushick. We went to Japan Honbu in 2022 and met the founders, creating many memorable experiences. Our Country chief Sensei Lawrence and Vice-President, Sensei CK, deserve credit for managing our dojo to a high standard. Our training has always been remarkable. I've learned values like discipline, respect, diligence, and perseverance. Osu!"


Tamami and family 

"Everyone who belongs to this Karate group is very kind and respectful towards each other. My kids said, 'It's fun to practice Kumite because the more we practice, the better we become at it.'"

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Mr Ong and family

"I am grateful to IKO Nakamura, Sensei Lawrence, and Sensei CK for providing guidance in Kyokushin Karate at IKO Nakamura Singapore. Consistent practice has helped me and my children to overcome and break out of limitations and we consider it to be an integral part of our lifestyle. We are immensely motivated to enhance our skills and abilities."



"A very comfortable environment, where there are no judgments and only learning experiences. The Sensei's are always there to help when we need and give many opportunities for individuals to shine."

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