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Kyokushin Karate Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) 


What is the belt progression like?

There are in total 11 Kyu starting from white belt till brown belt with black strip. After 1st Kyu, the next level will be black belt Shodan.

What is the minimum age to participate in your karate class?

6 years old is the minimum age.

Is karate uniform required for the class? Where can we purchase it?

Yes, karate uniform is required and students can purchased directly from the dojo instructors.

What kind of equipment or protection gear is needed for the class? How often do we have to bring them along for class?

Hand and Shin-step guards are needed for the class and students are required to bring along for every class.


How much is the training fee? Are there any discounts or special offers? 

Training fee is S$10 per lesson and members with a passion card will get discounts. 


Do i have to purchase the membership card in order to be a member of IKO Nakamura Singapore?


However, it is highly recommended to purchase the card, here are some benefits of doing so: 


- The IKO Nakamura Membership card enables one to access any IKO Nakamura Dojos around the world

-  $10 off for each grading session.

- Discounted price for seminars

- Discounted price for our Official Fighter T-Shirt 

How do you ensure the safety of the children during the class?

We constantly watch out for their safety by ensuring they have interval rest and enough water to drink.


Are there any opportunities for my child to participate in competitions or tournaments?

We organised annual local championships. Over and above, we participate actively in our overseas affiliated dojos’ championships.


How do you handle discipline and behaviour issues in the class?

Collaboration with parents, establish clear expectations are the keys for handling these issues. 


Can parents watch the class? 

Yes and we welcome parents to join us as well.


How do you handle children with special needs in the class?

Paying more attention and assigning an assistant instructor to the children. 

What is the cancellation policy for the class?

The policy is non-refundable. 

How do you track the progress of my child's karate skills?

Through constant observation.

How often do you conduct gradings? What is the grading fee?

02 to 03 times a year. The fee is S$50 per grading.

Is there a make-up class for absentees?

No make-up class as there are conditions to be fulfilled before we are able to book the venue. 

Do you conduct lessons during public holidays?


How will I be informed if there is a change in schedule or venue?

Students/ Parents will be informed accordingly in the Whatsapp Chat Group.  



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