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Dojo Etiquettes

Bowing with an "Osu!" : 

Bowing is an important aspect of karate etiquette. It shows respect for the dojo, the instructors, and fellow students. Bow when entering and leaving the dojo, when greeting instructors, and when beginning and ending class.

Safety : 

No running or horse-playing on the mat before, during and after class. Avoid using excessive force or intentionally causing injury to others during training. Lastly, do ask for permission when borrowing equipment, or using the restroom.

Punctuality :

Arrive at least 10 minutes before class commences to allow time for changing into uniform and mentally preparing for class.

Instructions :

Listen carefully to the instructors. Avoid talking or laughing during class.

Cleanliness :

Keep the dojo clean and tidy. Clean up after yourself and maintain personal hygiene.

Neatness : 

Wear a clean and neat karate uniform (gi) to class. Keep your uniform in good condition and avoid wearing jewelry or accessories that may cause injury to yourself or others.

Respect :

Show respect for your fellow peers, regardless of their rank or skill level. Greet your seniors when you see them.

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